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November is almost here, and although many Americans have excitedly cast their ballots early, election day remains the big voting show out day across the country. As we get closer to voting day, employers may notice the topic dominating conversations among employees.

Political Discussion in the Workplace?

As the election draws nearer, discussions involving politics can become increasingly common. Political discussions can also become increasingly heated, which could result in having to get HR involved. It may seem like a good idea to ban the conversation entirely, but completely banning all political expression can be a violation of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and may negatively affect employee morale in general.

Rather than banning specific types of conversations, remind your employees about your workplace’s policies on civility, respect in the workplace, anti-harassment, anti-discrimination, and social media. Set the expectation that political discussions should remain compliant with existing policies. Of course, if any type of discussion is becoming a disruption, performance management may be necessary.

Do I Need to Give Employees Time Off to Vote in California?

As voting day approaches, it’s a good time to ensure that any employees who need time off to vote have made arrangements to do so. In the state of California, employees are permitted to take time off of work to vote at the beginning or end of their shift on Election Day. Employers in California are required by law (Elections Code section 14001) to post a notice to employees that advises them of the voting provisions that apply to them.

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