Our Partner Program is Designed to Help You & Your Clients Succeed.

Offer your clients Custom HR Solutions & Support, Integrated Payroll, Benefits Administration, Workers Comp Management and 401k options.


Why Partner with Emplicity?

Our personalized approach of utilizing local teams of experienced HR professionals keeps our clients happier longer and that protects your book while increasing your revenue.

Industry Brokers

Insurance Brokers & Agents


Financial Advisors

Agency Alliances

VCs / Private Equity Firms


Industry Associations

Chambers of Commerce

Competitive Commissions Designed to Scale & Incredible Client Loyalty.

Enjoy stronger commissions with 40% longer retention.

We average 67 months vs. the industry average of just 48 months.

Tap into the income potential of being a broker partner.

Offer more to your clients. Partnering with Emplicity, you deliver a complete business solution increasing your value to them by solving not only their Insurance needs, but important infrastructure components; their payroll and HR needs. Plus, Emplicity will pay you every referral who purchases an Emplicity solution.

Your Clients receive Emplicity’s game-changing service platform; personal face to face service and award-winning technology.

State of the art cloud technology to integrate and streamline employee services, keeping the team productive and allowing them to grow their business. 

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