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Recruiting and Staffing Made Simple.

We Can Help You Reach Top-Tier Talent

Emplicity knows that hiring top talent is a “make or break” proposition in today’s lean and fast-paced workplace. Although your organization may operate with thin margins, you are likely chasing the same talent that larger companies and deeper pockets attempt to lure.

Emplicity Search can help you reach top-tier talent. Our seasoned recruiting consultants understand the challenges of hiring impact players for high growth, small, and mid-size businesses. By thorough analysis of your opportunity, future vision, and corporate culture, we create compelling employment propositions that resonate with top candidates whose professional motivations align with yours.

Hourly Search

Emplicity’s hourly search option provides expert, full cycle recruiting services in a convenient pay-as-you-go model. As the client, you authorize a block of hours at a competitive rate. You also retain the option to reauthorize or discontinue search hours at anytime. Once a candidate is hired, there is no additional placement fee. It’s like agency style recruiting, but much more affordable.

Contingent Search

Contingent Search enables Emplicity to bear the risk of a difficult search but still operate under your time constraints. Technically complex job requirements or specific skill sets may prove to be a tough find for some employers. Although hourly recruiting is a popular option, contingent searches require payment only when the right candidate is successfully hired. All full-cycle recruiting activities are included with this option and, again, you’ll only pay a fee in the event that you hire the candidate. Costs are based on a percentage of position annual salary.

Level 1

Included in PrimeHR™ Plan

Employer Branding & Process Evaluation

In addition to the items listed above we offer a consultation to evaluate a clients employer branding strategy as well as their process for recruiting. Our recruiting experts will evaluate a clients process which can often eliminate roadblocks that are preventing a client from effectively recruiting top talent.


It’s important that all those involved in the hiring decision agree to the hiring process, steps, and communication channels to be used. The plan should include a timeline, recruitment plan, criteria for initial candidate screening, selection committee, interview questions, and instructions for scheduling in-person interviews.

Job Description

The agreed-upon job requirements form the basis for the job description. Other necessary information includes essential functions to be performed in the role and the advantages of working for the company (i.e., workplace environment, compensation and benefits, perks, etc.). If job description has yet to be identified a template will be provided to the client. Verbal review of requirements is helpful prior to starting a search.

Pay Reporting

Strengthen your organizations pay strategy which will directly impact your ability to recruit and retain top talent. Emplicity will run pay reports designed to help you strategize your compensation plan and compete in your market segment. The data is some of the best available and our recruiting team can add insights based on the state of the recruiting landscape.

Level 2


Beyond posting an opening, recruiting involves the legwork required to identify qualified candidates by sourcing resumes, reviewing qualifications and screening candidates based on top qualifications identified by the client. Our recruiters will work to quickly identify both active and passive candidates to fill an opening.

Applicant Screening

Our recruiters will review active and passive candidates to verify their relevance based on the previously determined requirements of the opening. Unqualified candidates’ applications are withdrawn from the applicant pool. Qualified candidates are informed of next steps beginning with a screening interview.

Screening Interview

Initial interviews with applicants are typically a phone screen. These interviews determine if applicants have the qualifications needed to do the job and serve to further narrow the pool of candidates. Our recruiters will also explain the interviewing process during this step.


Depending on the size of the selection committee, one or more interviews are scheduled for each candidate. We will communicate all details of the interview to the candidates as well as coordinate scheduling between both the candidate and the hiring manager or selection committee.

Background Check

One of the final steps prior to making a job offer is conducting background checks to review candidates’ criminal record, to verify employment history and eligibility, and to run credit checks. Drug testing may also be warranted, depending on the nature of the job.


The hiring staff, often including our recruiters, confers and evaluates applicants based on the interviews, job experience, skills and talent assessments, and all other relevant information (recommendations, e.g.). A top choice should be identified and agreed on. A backup candidate selection should be made, as well. If no candidates meet the hiring criteria, the hiring process continues.

Reference Checks

Once a candidate has been selected for the position, our recruiters are available to check the candidates professional references. Reference checks can verify candidates’ employment details including job performance, strengths, and weaknesses. A typical question we ask references is “Would you rehire this person?”

Job Offer

Offering the job includes providing an offer letter stating the position’s salary, start date, and other terms and conditions of employment that are based on the agreement between the company and the candidate. Our recruiters are there to help every step of the way. The candidate may agree and sign, initiate negotiations (typically focusing on salary) and we’ll be there to assist and advise at every step in the process.

*While many recruiting services are included in Emplicity service plans, some recruiting services are offered at an additional fee.

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