MyEmplicity™ hris.

Human Resources
Information System.

MyEmplicity™ hris.

Human Resources
Information System.

Empower your employees with MyEmplicity™, our Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

We can integrate and streamline your employee services, keeping your team productive and allowing you to focus on your business.

24/7 secure access to company’s and employee’s info via our MyEmplicity™ portal

PTO accruals & Time Off requests – manage all paid time off and time off requests through a simple to follow process

Benefits Details – all employee benefits available to both you and your employee

Payroll Complete processing, reporting, tax depositing and filing pay stubs, W2s

Self-service Employee and supervisor reporting Integration with benefits, time & attendance

Customized reporting to meet all your company’s needs

Option to “Go Green” with paperless reporting and electronic paystubs

Quick turnaround for urgent needs, like termination or bonus checks

Electronic Onboarding

The MyEmplicity HR Cloud simplifies and streamlines the onboarding and enrollment process for your new employees, dramatically reducing the time needed to capture employee data while improving accuracy and efficiency.

All forms and documents associated with Onboarding are securely tracked and stored. Digital signatures can be easily captured for complete and auditable records

Onboarding dramatically reduces the time needed to capture employee data while improving accuracy and efficiency. Collect all employee demographic information, federal, state and local tax filing forms without ever having to collect paperwork from employees on their first day. With seamless integration into the HR Cloud, employee data gathered during onboarding is automatically added to payroll.

Benefits Enrollment

Simplify the process across your organization with secure, electronic enrollment. Integrated with your HR cloud modules, open enrollment and new employee enrollment is now easier than ever before.

Easy Desktop or Mobile Enrollment

Help employees get the most out of their benefits…anytime, from any device. Whether on a desktop or mobile device, selecting, comparing or changing to benefit elections during enrollment is both intuitive and simple.

Less Paperwork, More Productivity

Managing benefits enrollment can be time consuming and costly, but with employee notifications and enrollment status tracking, benefits enrollment can be completed in record time.

Easily Compare and Select

Whether it’s managing dependents or comparing plan options, your employees will be empowered to understand and more fully take advantage of employer-sponsored and voluntary benefits.

Smart, Simple Enrollment

With electronic enrollment, employees can be guided step-by-step through the process for the specific benefits they are eligible for.

Integrated Across HR Cloud Modules

What’s more, the entire process from onboarding to benefits enrollment and payroll is integrated, minimizing the time involved and potential for errors.

Convenient and Secure Electronic Enrollment

With benefits enrollment, everyone wins… from employees to the business owner. Employees want to take full advantage of earned benefits, and employers need to retain employees while reducing administrative costs.

Cloud Based Workforce Technology

Our intuitive and easy to use web portal for both employers and employees.

MyEmplicity Employee Self-Service Module

MyEmplicity HRIS provides your employees the information and resources they need to remain productive. From checking their last payroll check to analyzing historical data, downloading their W-2 and requesting time off. Employees will love the access they have from desktop or mobile.

MyEmplicity Manager Self-Service Module

MyEmplicity HRIS puts powerful analytical tools in the hands of your managers. From assessing your current labor costs to researching key employee data and reports, the Manager Self-Service portal offers a robust yet easy-to-use interface that even the most novice manager can master.

MyEmplicity – Payroll

As part of the MyEmplicity, Payroll is a fast, easy and accurate way to ensure you can execute and manage your payroll on time, every time. It frees business owners up from the hassles of payroll, so they can focus on their business. MyEmplicity payroll is fast, efficient, safe and secure.

MyEmplicity Benefits Enrollment Module

MyEmplicity HRIS includes a Benefits Enrollment Module that automates and simplifies the tedious employee benefits enrollment process. This web-based system navigates your employees through the renewal and enrollment process and helps them select the coverage that fits their families’ needs.

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