We’re simply not happy, until our clients are.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and client feedback helps us focus on what’s important.

“Thank You Emplicity, for going to great lengths to do the job, for making it look easy, for the accuracy, and the timeliness, and your supreme professionalism. I remain grateful to you for a job well done!”

Doug Williams

President and CEO
Williams Data

“Hiring Emplicity was one of the most essential decisions I made as a business owner.”

Eric Ellis, M.D.

CEO and Founder
Lincoln Urgent Care

“I would recommend Emplicity to any company seeking the best human resource administration solutions for the best value.”

Levi Martin

Chief Financial Officer
Prototypes Mental Health

“I have worked with Emplicity since 2014. We put out an RFP in 2013. From the beginning of the sales process to integration, to ongoing service Emplicity, and its employees have been near perfect. I thoroughly checked references and was told the integration experience was perfect and it was. The Company is a delight and make my job easier. I have no reservations in giving them 5 stars.”

Jeanette Smith

“As a business development executive, previously working in large corporate and now working to help grow small businesses, I know just how important it is to find the right partners that can help your company grow, stay compliant, and reduce risk in an increasingly complex environment. Emplicity is one of those partners and so much more. They don’t just take care of essential business functions, which they do professionally and expertly, they are also a partner. They have guided and supported me in numerous employee decisions and growth strategies and helped me develop the infrastructure we needed to overcome all of the growing pains of small business.”

Rob M.

“Emplicity gives me the confidence to focus on the growth and health of my business, knowing that from a human resources standpoint we’re doing things correctly.”

Randy Taylor

Taylor Digital

“Emplicity provides us support in all aspects of human resources, compliance, and insurance. We experience the advantage of having them on our team, which ultimately improves our bottom line.”

J. Moyer

CJ Suppression, Inc.

“If I had to employ people to do what Emplicity does for me, I would minimally have to have two people and that wouldn’t address the HR support that we get from Emplicity.”

Jeff Rochester

Pacific Powder Coating, Inc.

“We at Centaur University in Costa Mesa Ca. have had the opportunity to do business with Emplicity and their honesty, integrity and commitment are exemplary. They all go above and beyond to provide a level of service to their clients that is unparalleled. The Emplicity staff have a high level of professionalism and good character making all of them an outstanding benefit in their Payroll dept, Human resources, and all of the services they provide.”

Dave Pugh

Sr. Vice President of Operations
Centaur University

“Jenifer Pulford and the entire Team at Emplicity have been excellent. Even in these difficult times they have been prompt courteous and willing to do whatever it takes. Great company!”

Steve Senk

“Emplicity is a one stop service for us. They have specialists in HR, in payroll and in benefits, and they all have knowledge that is up-to-date so that we don’t have to search for current information on our own.”

Nui Valletta

Senior Accountant
Battleship Iowa

“My Emplicity Representative has been an incredibly helpful asset to us. He is super responsive, gets our questions answered even when he’s not in the office. Friendly, knowledgeable, always on top of our payroll and any requests we have. He is our main contact since we talk to him every two weeks and can always be counted on to assist us.”

Shirley Quitugua

Vice President
Bank of Guam

“By streamlining all of our payroll and HR services, Emplicity has allowed us to focus on running our restaurant.”

Scott and Rosemary McIntosh

Reunion Kitchen

“My company and I have worked with Emplicity for almost 10 yrs now. Our HR rep has brought so much to our company, I don’t know how we did it before we had her/them. They are professionals with a heart, so caring and understanding that our employees are part of the Aria family. Our rep is constantly going the extra mile for our employees. I would Gladly recommend them to any company that does not have a onsite HR person.”

Jean Levell

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