workers' comp.

Protecting Your People,
Productivity & Profits.

workers' comp.

Protecting Your People,
Productivity & Profits.

Workers’ Compensation Program Services


We help to ensure that you’ll be fully prepared when, and if, injuries occur.


We provide a full spectrum of Workers’ Compensation programs, designed to help your employees recover and return to the job as quickly as possible.


We’ll also support you with governmental regulations and reporting requirements, while minimizing your exposure to liability.

Safety and Risk Management that Delivers Savings

Return to Work (RTW) Programs

Those injured need sufficient time to recover. By implementing a comprehensive return to work program, Emplicity will let employees know their exact coverage upfront in the event of an occupational injury.

Zurich American Insurance Company

Through our stewardship and vigor, the Emplicity/Zurich Workers’ Compensation Program has delivered savings to thousands of client locations over the past 15 years. Participating clients must demonstrate a commitment to safety, with incentives available for large accounts. Some industries excluded. Ask a consultant for the details.

PEO Workers Compensation Claims Management

Administering workers’ comp claims is a deceptively complicated process. Emplicity’s Occupational Claims Management system is comparable to systems used by most Third Party Administrators (TPAs), yet with the focus of a plan customized to fit your company’s unique needs. We can assist in all aspects of injury, including:

  • Investigations
  • Medical fee schedule auditing
  • Employee and claims adjustor monitoring
  • First aid case management

Safety Program Implementation and Guidance

After a thorough analysis of your worksite and records, Emplicity will establish or update your injury and illness prevention plan. Inspection, training, investigation and general guidance is provided at the highest level to promote a safe and productive work environment.

Workers’ compensation—competitive rates and experienced administration. Workers’ compensation insurance is one of the largest work-related expenses a business faces. It is projected that premiums will continue to rise even further in the upcoming years. By combining the premiums of hundreds of safety-conscious businesses, Emplicity delivers the coverage your business needs without the inflated rates smaller companies often encounter.

Unmanaged workers’ compensation claims can result in unnecessarily high premiums and experience modification factors. By managing all claims of workers’ compensation and conducting ongoing reporting and auditing procedures on your behalf, Emplicity’s experienced risk management team helps minimize this costly form of insurance.

Preventive Maintenance (Safety)

Perhaps the most effective way of combating rising workers’ compensation premiums is lowering the risk of injuries through an effective onsite safety program. Emplicity helps you further reduce workers’ compensation claims by helping you proactively implement a comprehensive safety training program, establishing a code of safe practices, and implementing a return-to work program. Trained Emplicity personnel can:

  • Implement an Injury and Illness Prevention Program covering responsibility, hazard assessment and correction, accident/exposure investigation, and record keeping
  • Assist with medical treatment and claims processing
  • Manage claims and implement an early intervention program to assist employees with a speedy return to work
  • Provide Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
  • Implement an Emergency Action Plan
  • Provide Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Provide Safety Training Materials
  • Ensure compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration and other governing agencies

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