HR technologyIs technology and automation taking the “human” out of Human Resources? Some people may argue that it seems that way, but new technologies can actually improve the HR experience, and allow HR professionals to interact with employees and employment candidates on a level that was not previously attainable. Advancements in HR technology are drastically changing HR management strategies, largely for the better.

Here are 3 of the biggest ways technology is improving the HR landscape:

Increased Speed and Efficiency Through Automation

While some may view automation as impersonal, it can actually greatly improve the personalization of services. Human resource management requires a human connection, but many HR managers can get tied down by menial tasks, leaving them little time to connect with employees or employment candidates.

Some of the core HR functions that can be improved through automation include:

  • PTO accruals & Time Off requests. Digital management of paid time off and time off requests can simplify the request process for both workers and HR managers. With time off requests, workers can easily see which days are available before they submit and HR managers aren’t overwhelmed with multiple requests on the same dates.
  • Employee records management. In order to comply with employment law regulations, certain employee records need to be held on to for certain periods of time, even after employment has ended. Automation can help HR managers organize, store and even dispose of these records when appropriate.
  • Benefits management. Different employees may be eligible for different benefits at different times, making benefits management complicated and time-consuming. HR managers can automate some of this process, allowing the system to alert them to events such as when an employee becomes eligible for enrollment.
  • Tax form distribution. HR managers can automate the process of sending out and collecting tax forms, sending reminder emails if needed and organizing the forms as well.
  • Employee recruitment and on-boarding. Storing and organizing applications and resumes, sending status update emails to candidates, distributing new hire forms and organizing completed forms into the proper folders can all be fully or partially automated.

Ease of Information and Communication

One of the most useful HR technologies is the advancement of cloud-based Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), or Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), which is a type of software through which HR activities and processes can occur electronically. This allows HR departments of any size to have the ability to offer anytime-anywhere access to HR services. Employees can look up any of their benefits or payroll information from their computer or smartphone and easily find answers to their questions through the interactive platform.

Both HR Managers and Workers can benefit from the advantages of HRIS technology. The efficiency of this type of software allows the HR professional to reduce time spent on mundane tasks and focus on larger and more meaningful projects and allows workers to access and exchange information with greater ease, without the use of paper and in a centralized location – which helps reduce the redundancy of office communications.

More Engaged Employees

Today’s employees are more connected than ever, which means that HR technology has had to adapt to be as accessible as workers are. According to a survey by Pew research, 95% of Americans own a cell phone, and the majority of those between the ages of 18 and 64 utilize a smartphone. While millennials and generation zers are most known for their use of technology, older generations are showing increased usage of technology and internet as well.

Increased personalization and frequent communication are shown to help increase employee engagement, which in turn benefits the company through better productivity and lower turnover rates. Simply put, with advancing HR technologies, employers are able to connect with employees quickly and efficiently, helping to make them feel more valued and engaged with their job.

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