Mid-year Minimum Wage Increases to impact some CA Cities and Municipalities.
Many California employees saw a rise in pay on January 1st, 2020, when the state increased the minimum wage to $13 per hour for large employers (26 employees or more) and $12 per hour for small employers (25 employees or fewer). Effective July 1, 2020, a number of counties and municipalities in the state are participating in additional increases that ascend past the State’s minimum.
The amount of the increase varies by city and county, and some local governments make a distinction between large and small employers or even between industries. Hotel workers in Long Beach, for example, are entitled to another wage increase beginning July 1st.
As workers begin to return from COVID-related and other types of leave, it is the perfect time to review compensation rates to ensure your wages are in compliance before the July 1st deadline arrives. Employers can also partner with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to help them remain up to date and compliant with ever changing complex wage and hour laws. Emplicity, an IRS-certified PEO based in Irvine, California, offers payroll compliance, HR support, and so much more. If you have specific questions about how Emplicity can help with minimum wage compliance in California, you can book a free call with one of our specialists by clicking here.
California Cities and Municipalities with July 2020 increases:
  • Alameda, CA – $15.00 an hour
  • Berkeley, CA – $16.07 an hour
  • Emeryville, CA – $16.42 an hour
  • Fremont, CA – Small Employers (25 or fewer) – $13.50 an hour, Large Employers (26 or more) – $15.00 an hour
  • Long Beach, CA – Hotel Workers only – $15.47 an hour
  • Los Angeles, CA – Small Employers and Non-Profits – $14.25 an hour, Large Employers – $15.00 an hour
  • Malibu, CA – Small Employers – $14.25 an hour, Large Employers – $15.00 an hour
  • Menlo Park, CA – $15.00 an hour
  • Milipitas, CA – $15.40 an hour
  • Novato, CA – Small Employers – $13.00 an hour, Large Employers – $14.00 an hour
  • Pasadena, CA – Small Employers and Non-Profits – $14.25 an hour, Large Employers – $15.00 an hour
  • San Francisco, CA – $16.07 an hour
  • San Leandro, CA – $15.00 an hour
  • Santa Monica, CA – Small Employers and non-profits – $14.25 an hour, Large Employers – $15.00 an hour
California is not the only state seeing minimum wage changes in July. CA employers who have remote employees in other states may need to ensure they are compliant in those areas too.
Other July 2020 Increases across the U.S. include:
  • District of Columbia – $15.00 an hour
  • Chicago, IL – $14.00 an hour
  • Cook County, IL – $13.00 an hour
  • Portland, ME – $13.25 an hour
  • Montgomery County, MD – Small Employers (10 or fewer) – $ 13.00 an hour, Medium Employers (11-50) – $13.25 an hour, Large Employers (51 or more) $14.00 an hour
  • Minneapolis, MN – Small Employers (100 or fewer) – $11.75 an hour, Large Employers (101 or more) – $13.25 an hour
  • St. Paul, MN – Small Employers (6-100) – $10.00 an hour, Large Employers (101-10,000)- $11.50 an hour, Macro Employers (10,101 or more) – $12.50 an hour
  • State of Nevada – $9.00 an hour, If employer provides healthcare – $8.00 an hour
  • State of Oregon – Nonrural counties – $12.00 an hour, Rural counties – $11.50 an hour
  • Portland Area – $13.25 an hour

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