It’s natural for Employers to want to hire the most skilled and experienced candidates from their pool of job application to fill open positions. However, once the best candidates are chosen and hired, what is being done to ensure they continue to gain useful skills and experience? Employee training and development programs offer employers a prime opportunity to shape the future of their employees, but many employers can’t quite see the value in spending the money and effort to do so when there is a chance their employees might take their newly developed talents to another company. 

Despite the sacrifice of time, money and a small amount of productivity, training and development programs provide both the employer and employees with worthwhile benefits that far outweigh any of the costs. Training programs are an essential investment for any business owner and here’s why:

Improves Employee Standards

When employees aren’t trained correctly or continuously, employers lose the potential to increase their pool of skilled and experienced employees to pull from when higher-level positions open up. Lack of training and development also lowers the bar for hiring outside of the company. Applicants and new employees who are highly skilled will feel held back by employees who are struggling to meet standards or are just meeting the minimum. Continuous training programs ensure that employee standards are not only met, but that every employee will receive the knowledge and experience they need to raise them even higher.

Increases Employee Retention

Hiring top talent is a struggle for employers, and retaining them can be even more difficult. One of the biggest culprits in employee turnover is a lack of training and development. Employees that feel like they have no options to grow within their company or that their employer isn’t invested in them are more likely to leave their employer over employees who feel like they have a development plan in place. 

Expands Employee Skills

The more an employee can acquire new skills and grow, the more their company thrives. Quality training programs ensure your employees will always be challenging themselves and learning new and useful skills that add value to their work. Great employees should do more than show up and be productive – they are the backbone of the company and should be able to develop and prosper right alongside the business itself. By giving your employees the opportunity to train and up-skill, you are not only increasing the value of your employees, you’re increasing the value of your organization as a whole.

The bottom line: employee training and development programs are essential to a successful business. Investing time in all your employees is just as important as investing time in your business, and it doesn’t have to be a huge cost for the employer. With an online education platform like the one offered by Emplicity, training and development can be affordable, continuous, comprehensive and easily accessible.

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