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When running a small business, the decision to hire – or not hire – an in-house Human Resource team is a big one. Businesses with only a few employees may be able to get away with doing their own HR administration, but as the company grows, so do the compliance risks. Many small employers seek to hire an in-house HR team, wanting the benefits of having HR expertise close by at all times. A great HR manager can help form the perfect strategy for recruiting and hiring and improving company culture, but unfortunately, they often get caught up spending time on other, more menial, tasks.

How Do HR Managers Spend Most of Their Time?

Studies and interviews have shown time and time again that HR Managers spend most of their time in meetings and on administrative tasks, followed by risk and compliance-related tasks, with HR strategy being left on the back burner if there is any time left in the day. The fact is, when your HR team is spending most of their time on paperwork, they aren’t able to focus on what they really want to focus on – the employees.

Pie Chart Showing How Human Resources Spends Their Time

When HR Managers get overwhelmed with tasks, they turn to either internal staff members or outside experts such as lawyers, insurance brokers, HR consultants and accountants for help. Some of the most common areas in which HR Managers outsource help include: employee grievances and disciplinary measures; getting answers for specific HR regulatory compliance-related questions; information on HR best practices; assistance with developing company policies and procedures and; help in developing and facilitating training programs. These helpful resources for HR Managers often come at an added cost for the employer.

Emplicity is a “One-Stop Shop” for HR Outsourcing Help

As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Emplicity takes on the burdens of compliance and administration, simplifying the HR process for small businesses. “Emplicity is a one-stop service for us, explains Nui Valletta, Senior Accountant at Battleship Iowa, an Emplicity HR Outsourcing & PEO client in the Los Angeles area. She continues, “They have specialists in HR, in payroll and in benefits, and they all have knowledge that is up-to-date so that we don’t have to search for current information on our own.” A PEO partnership with Emplicity allows a small business access to specialists in employee benefits, payroll services, risk and safety, workers’ compensation, training and development, recruiting, human resources technology, and more – replacing the need to hire multiple employees to handle these tasks.

Partnering with a PEO can also help existing in-house HR personnel be more effective and productive. Majuana Martin, HR Manager for Ace Home Health and Ace Hospice, an Emplicity HR Outsourcing & PEO client in the Greater San Francisco area, views Emplicity’s support as a team effort that helps her navigate complicated HR situations. “They have a bigger team, so they’re able to multitask unemployment issues…our leave of absences.” Ms. Martin concludes, “I feel as though I’m part of a nice team that keeps me in check, and I’m also there to provide them with information as the needs arise.”

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About Emplicity:
Since 1995, Emplicity has provided a smarter, more secure, and integrated platform of employer services to its 300 business clients and their 8,500 employees. As a Professional Employer Organization, or PEO, the California-based HR outsourcing firm simplifies the compliance, administration, and support businesses need in the areas of employee benefits, payroll, and human resources technology.

NOTICE: Emplicity provides HR advice and recommendations. Information provided by Emplicity is not intended as a substitute for employment law counsel. At no time will Emplicity have the authority or right to make decisions on behalf of its clients.

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