The NAPEO Board is Integral in Helping to Steer the Organization and Supporting the PEO Industry

IRVINE, CA (September 26, 2019) — Emplicity’s founder and CEO, Vic Tanon has been elected to serve on the Board of Directors for The National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO). Board members provide the much-needed oversight and leadership to the association and have been instrumental in growing the PEO industry to serve over 175,000 client businesses employing approximately 3.7 million employees since its inception in 1984. 

While Tanon has experience in virtually every aspect of running a PEO, he sees great potential in branding and marketing the PEO industry. “People out there have heard the term PEO, but can’t quite articulate what we are and what we can do for them,” remarks Tanon who recently joined the Marketing and Communications Committee under the association’s marketing guru, Kerry Caruthers. 

Starting Emplicity from its humble beginnings in Los Angeles 25 years ago, Tanon greatly benefitted from the generous support of NAPEO members and leaders who were always willing to help. “We owe a great deal of our success throughout the years to NAPEO members and staff who provide the legal and educational resources Emplicity needs to take care of our clients and their employees.” Honored to participate on the NAPEO board, Tanon is looking forward to some positive developments in the industry while he serves. “All this great legislative work on the hill has set a firm foundation for us as an industry to take PEO to the next level.” He added, “I can’t wait to see where the next 25 years takes us.” 


NAPEO’s vision is to represent an industry that is recognized as providing the best workforce solution for businesses looking to grow and thrive. NAPEO advocates for the interests of PEOs at all levels of government, and provides robust member resources, vital networking and referrals, relevant and timely education, and effective public relations and marketing support

About Emplicity

Emplicity is a leading Human Resources Outsourcing provider. From full service Professional Employer Organization support to customized services, Emplicity provides companies with simple, efficient PEO and HR solutions. Emplicity maintains offices in Southern and Northern California. For more information about Emplicity, visit


About Emplicity:
Since 1995, Emplicity has provided a smarter, more secure, and integrated platform of employer services to its 300 business clients and their 8,500 employees. As a Professional Employer Organization, or PEO, the California-based HR outsourcing firm simplifies the compliance, administration, and support businesses need in the areas of employee benefits, payroll, and human resources technology.

For more information about us, visit or call us at (877) 476-2339. We’d love to make your employee management more simple—and secure.

NOTICE: Emplicity provides HR advice and recommendations. Information provided by Emplicity is not intended as a substitute for employment law counsel. At no time will Emplicity have the authority or right to make decisions on behalf of its clients.

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