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Emplicity teams up with Heart Africa (AfricaHEART.com) to deliver desperately needed medical help and food to Eastern Kenyans.

Not knowing if you have cancer or where your next meal will come from is not simple. With that in mind, Emplicity partnered with a US-based charitable organization, Heart Africa, to take one big step toward fighting these issues in Eastern Kenya.

Awakening the fight against cancer with the women of Taita

In a cancer screening campaign in Taita-Taveta County, a rural area with a population of approximately 340,000 people, HEART board member Danny Chaffey provided cancer awareness and education seminars. Cancer screenings were also provided to 50 women, 3 of whom were diagnosed with cervical cancer in December of 2022.

Chaffey returned to the Taita Lower Weep Center in September 2023 with supplies and funding to provide treatment and surgery for the three women. Their heartfelt testimonies on how the program saved their lives and families were deeply moving. Getting a second chance at life and having the hope of a tomorrow they never knew was threatened instilled a palpable amount of gratitude at the Weep Center.

A kick-start to fight the cycle of severe drought

In the small village of Namuncha of the Masai region, an hour outside of the city of Nairobi, Kenya, Emplicity teamed up with Heart Africa to feed 50 families for a month. Stricken by the severe 2-year drought, families in the Masai tribe who rely on crops and livestock to make ends meet are without basic necessities. With the lack of rain and access to clean water, entire villages have been devastated by the direct and indirect effects of famine. With a culmination of years of crop failure and the corresponding losses of livestock, families cannot send their kids to school, who, in turn, become vulnerable and get pregnant at age 12 or 13.

Ambassador Danny Chaffey learned of this situation and purchased pallets of food from a wholesale market in Nairobi to provide a much-needed lift during a time of great despair, including:

  • Rice – 2 kgs per family
  • Maize Flour – 5 packets of 2 kgs each per family
  • Oil – 1 liter per family

Bringing these much sought-after supplies has helped to provide the Masai with the opportunity to get back on their feet and envision more prosperous times in their future.

Thank you for your support of Emplicity’s partnership with Heart Africa and for giving the people of Eastern Kenya sustenance, awareness, and hope for a better tomorrow.

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