There is nothing more rewarding for a hiring manager than recruiting a talented candidate who is a perfect fit for the company and an outstanding employee. And nothing is worse than when one of your best employees hands in their notice and walks out the door. When good employees quit, employers are often left wondering what they could have done to keep them around. Exit interviews can help to give insight for the future, but likely won’t bring a valued employee back once they’ve left.

Here are 5 reasons good employees quit:

1. They’re overworked.

This is one of the most common reasons that good employees quit, and it’s an easy trap to fall into. When you have a great employee, they work efficiently and produce high quality results. So then you give them more work because they “can handle it.” When an employee is good at their job, it doesn’t mean they should be suffocated by work. They may “handle it” for a short period of time, but sooner than later their productivity will decrease as they become burnt out on their work. Once in a while, taking on extra work to meet certain deadlines or finish certain projects is understandable, but when it becomes the norm, overworked employees will start to look elsewhere for employment.

2. They’re underappreciated.

Good employees often work hard without gloating to everyone around them. They take initiative, produce quality work, and fly under the radar for the most part. Employers and supervisors get accustomed to their top employees consistently showing up and performing well, and they expect that these employees will keep delivering, day after day. Until one day they don’t. Even the most self-motivated employees need some kind of positive feedback once in a while to keep them motivated and remind them that they’re appreciated.

3. They’re overlooked.

For a hardworking employee, it’s a huge let down to dedicate so much time and effort to your employer and then be passed over for a promotion in favor of someone who offers more charisma than competence. When it happens once, it’s an insult. When it happens multiple times, it’s motivation to look for a new employer.

4. They have no room to grow.

Part of an employee’s motivation to be a good worker is that they want to develop their skills. If they are unable to, it can cause them to feel unchallenged and disengaged with their job. Once their job becomes monotonous and unenjoyable, they may start looking for something new.

5. They can’t speak their mind.

Good employees can contribute more than just quality work to their employees. They have great insight and can also offer creative ideas that employers and supervisors may not have thought of on their own. If the employer doesn’t provide an environment in which employees are comfortable providing feedback, they may feel stifled, leading them to seek out an environment where they can speak freely.

Replacing good employees is expensive. Employee retention can be an investment, but it’s much more reasonable than the alternative. Emplicity offers employee management solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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