Completely outsourced 401(k).


Completely outsourced 401(k).

Retirement Made Simple.

Reduced Stress, Increased Peace of Mind, and More Time
to Focus on Your Core Business.

Emplicity goes above and beyond offering a 401(k) Plan to your employees. From working with a fiduciary advisor to select the best investment options available, to ensuring participants have the tools and resources at their disposal to properly plan for retirement, Emplicity assumes responsibility for the entire process.

Independent, Third-party Investment Guidance.

  • Negotiates on behalf of the Plan and participants
  • Will assist you with completing your Adoption Agreement and Other Plan-Related Documents
  • An Investment Advisor Representatives

Outsourced Fiduciary Liability.

  • Eliminate your role as the Trustee of your own Plan
  • No more IRS Form 5500. No more Plan audits
  • Outsourced loan and distribution processing

Full flexibility in plan design.

  • Matching and vesting, Profit sharing and eligibility
  • And much more

Zero cost to you and Low cost to participants.

  • Low cost no-load mutual funds from top rated investment firms (American Funds, T. Rowe Price, Vanguard, and more.)
  • Transparent and competitive administrative fees that shrink as your Plan grows.

Retire(k)TM Education.

Participants benefit from informational workshops and webinars, targeted mail and email communications to encourage good investing behavior, and a dedicated team to contact for personalized guidance when desired.

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