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Human Resources Consulting

Emplicity HR Consulting provides human resources best practices in human capital management, tactically integrating effective HR consulting processes, programs and practices into daily operations. Emplicity HR Consulting provides the skills and knowledge to help businesses attain goals and solve internal and employee related problems.

Wage and Hour Classification

HR consultants review employment records to ensure employees are classified correctly based on their job function; compensation and supervisory roles and provide policies and procedures to maintain compliance with all state, federal and local regulations.


Evaluation of company’s positions, roles, responsibilities and duties ensuring that the best talent will remain with the organization while attracting new talent and minimizing turnover. Ensuring employees are positioned correctly within the organization to correspond with the wage and hour classifications while treating all employees’ equitability and in compliance with all regulations.

Employee Relations

A conflict resolution strategy, in a non-confrontational manner, through consultation and facilitation strategies for workplace problems and issues, and the communications between employees and supervisors, corrective action and planning, disciplinary actions, and explanation and clarification of policies and procedures.

HR Audit

Provides a custom appraisal of your company’s HR risk assessment and recommendations improve poor performing areas and to assist in lowering the overall company exposure.

HR Compliance

Institute and monitor a process to mitigate your overall company risk by ensuring management practices, mandatory training program, LOA and workplace investigation, etc. are all compliant with federal, state and local regulations.

Performance Management and Evaluation/ Employee Role Definitions

Recommend and assist with providing standard performance measures, guidelines for delivering feedback, and disciplinary procedures, promote staff recognition and effective communication and motivate individuals to do their best for themselves and the company. produce accurate appraisal documentation to protect both the employee and employer, and obtain a high level of quality and quantity in the work produced.

Other HR Requirements

Need assistance with other Human Resource consulting or Human Resource Outsourcing projects? Our teams of experienced Human Resources Consultants are knowledgeable and experienced. Emplicity will relieve the administrative burden of Human resources and free you up to do what you do best – grow your business.

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