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Professional Employer Organization

PEO or Professional Employer Organization

A Professional Employer Organization or PEO offers administrative services outsourcing like payroll, tax administration, workers' comp, employee benefits management & other human resources functions to employees on behalf of the employer.

A PEO and Co-employment

A relationship between a PEO & employer in which, the PEO is responsible for handling functions like tax administration and reconciliation, human resources and risk management and more, while the employer maintains day-to-day control of their employees and has more time to focus on growing their business.

The Role of a PEO in Payroll Administration

An Emplicity PEO relationship includes payroll administration that facilitates PEO services like payroll processing, reporting taxes, processing year-end W-2’s, W-3’s, report management and more

How A PEO Handles Employee Benefits Management

As a PEO, Emplicity offers benefits management services that include employee Health and Welfare Administration & life insurance, Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Premium Only Plans (POP), Transportation Reimbursement Incentive Program (TRIP) Administration, COBRA/HIPAA Administration, and other allied employee benefit services.

How A PEO Handles Workers’ Comp

As part of being a company’s PEO, Emplicity manages workers' comp on behalf of employers while maintaining compliance with Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA). It involves payment of insurance for employers that offer cash benefits and medical care to employee in case of accident or sickness related to employee's job.

A PEO and Human Resources (HR) Administration

Emplicity’s PEO human resources outsourcing administration plan includes developing employee records, ensuring constant compliance with the Department of Labor and employment regulations like ADA, FMLA, FLSA, ADEA, etc... Our HR consultants also maintain career-related and life-event changes and employee status changes, clerical work and management reporting i.e. providing data to various levels of management in order to maintain the communication flow.

How A PEO Helps With Employee Leasing

Employee leasing is the original term for, what is now known as, a co-employment relationship. As your PEO Emplicity does not “lease” your employees because that would imply that they are no longer your own employees. Your employees are still yours, as your PEO we just help you with taxes, payroll, HR and workers’ compensation and for that reason the government recognizes us as a co-employer.