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Human Resources Functions Supported By Emplicity

Effective employee relations are the key to any successful business. Yet few companies have the experience or resources to perform their own Human Resources functions in-house, efficiently and productively – without creating an unnecessary burden or risk to their continued success.

Fortunately, Emplicity is here to help with human resources outsourcing. As a PEO, we provide all the HR functions usually associated with a traditional in-house HR Department, while offering a breadth and depth of services usually available only from the largest companies. And we do it without creating a costly, in-house infrastructure that can tie up your funds and unnecessarily limit your options.

We can provide as much or as little help as you need, all HR functions from hiring to termination, and each and every step in between – including full employee benefits programs, customized employee handbooks, workshops and harassment training, just to name a few. All the HR services you need to meet your own individual needs and goals, and keep your company running efficiently. And profitably.

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HR Coach Series – A comprehensive HR program

A comprehensive game plan to help your business reach the next level of success. We’ll coach you in designing and implementing a simple, step-by-step plan to achieve your HR goals, that can – and will – directly impact your bottom line; specific, measurable results include greater employee satisfaction, better morale and higher productivity.

Step One – The Basics
  • Customized employee handbook
  • Management guidebook
  • Detailed HR liability analysis
  • Harassment training
Step Two – Analysis
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Analyze and identify employee roster and positions
  • S.W.O.T analysis (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
Step Three – Forecasting and Planning
  • Corporate, employee and management goals
  • Develop and implement action plans
  • Establish accountability measures
  • Analyze results

Employee Satisfaction Scorecard

A confidential survey of employee attitudes, designed to uncover employee problems, as well as areas of success and empowerment. Provides the detailed insight and suggestions you need to improve management practices and raise employee morale and retention rates, while improving overall workplace satisfaction.

Emplicity Workshops

A series of simple, entertaining and fun workshops, designed to educate and inform you and your staff about issues that can directly impact the success and survival of your business, and help make you a better employer.

  • Wage and hour law
  • Exempt vs. non-exempt
  • How to hire "A" players
  • Effective orientation programs
  • Progressive discipline and termination
  • Employee morale and motivation
  • Effective change management

Customized Employee Handbooks

Consistent, clearly defined employee policies are key to successful employee relations, as well as avoiding potential liability issues. Developed in conjunction with an experienced labor law firm, our extensive, customizable handbook informs employees exactly what is expected of them, and what benefits to which they are – and are not – entitled.

  • Basic corporate policies
  • Harassment policy
  • Detailed explanation of employee benefits
  • Vacation, sick leave, and leave of absence policy
  • Internet, email and drug/alcohol policies
  • Binding confidentiality agreement

Management Guidebook

An all-inclusive guide to effective employee management and HR issues, designed to help you manage your employees while limiting liability, while guiding you through the potential pitfalls of hiring and firing – and everything in between.

  • Interviewing techniques
  • Leave of absence information and forms
  • Record retention chart
  • Personnel forms
  • Termination checklist
  • Reference check guidelines and forms

Harassment Training

Valid or otherwise, harassment claims are among the most dangerous issues facing employers today. Our detailed harassment training programs are designed to help educate managers and supervisors and limit your liability, while creating zero tolerance for harassment in the workplace.

  • Yearly employer training, either by formal meeting or informally via written policy with sign-off
  • Educate employees and employers on exactly what constitutes harassment in the workplace
  • Explain proper procedures for handling harassment issues
  • Instruct managers and supervisors on their responsibilities when a claim is made


Employee termination represents one of your most difficult, and potentially dangerous, management responsibilities. We guide you through every step of the process, from establishing solid grounds for termination, including a written paper trail, to how to conduct the actual termination itself with a minimum of discomfort for either party.

Exit interviews

A no-holds-barred conversation between our professional HR staff and your exiting employee(s). Provides the difficult answers that will enable you to benefit from the experience and improve your relationship with current and future employees – and avoid making the similar mistakes in the future.

HR Liability Analysis

Comprehensive analysis of your current policies and procedures to expose potential liability in areas such as wage and hour laws, record keeping, and exempt and non-exempt classifications. Along with detailed suggestions to get you back into compliance – and keep you there.

Unemployment Claims Management

Too often, an employee’s last day on the job is not the end of your responsibility regarding his or her employment. Emplicity can assume full responsibility for all reporting requirements and research associated with unemployment claims, including:

  • All necessary forms to respond to, and contest, unemployment claims
  • Attend all unemployment insurance hearings in partnership with you
  • Assist you in limiting your current and future liability

Leave of Absence Administration

Let Emplicity assist you in administering and tracking leaves of absence for qualified employees, including FMLA, CFRA and PDL leaves, while helping you stay in compliance with the complicated rules and regulations.

  • Qualify employee eligibility
  • Monitor and track length of all leaves
  • Issue all required documents to physicians and employees
  • Assist in reinstatement of returning employees

HR Phone Consulting

Every day, issues arise when you could benefit from a consultation with an experienced HR professional. We can provide detailed assistance over the phone, in real time, with virtually any and all employee-related issues, including:

  • Wage and hour
  • Employee relations
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Discipline and termination coaching

Employee Promotions Program

Special promotions are among the most effective ways to improve or maintain employee morale. Emplicity’s employee promotions discount program leverages our size and influence to provide discount tickets to many of the area’s most popular attractions; just a few examples include:

  • Disneyland
  • Knott’s Berry Farm
  • Sea World
  • Legoland
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Regal Entertainment (Edwards, Regal and United Artists theaters)
  • Aquarium of the Pacific
  • Magic Mountain