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Emplicity keeps your information private.

No models. No stock photos. Just model employees ready to serve your HR needs.

At Emplicity, we can help you solve some of the most complicated problems your business can face, simply, efficiently and effectively. Our exclusive SMART system is designed to meet your HR and employer administration needs with fully customizable solutions in four distinct areas:



your overall employee management through all-in-one service, vendor consolidation, and managed services and administration, like our Paperless Payroll.

Minimize liability

with our exclusive EMPLOYER SHIELD that protects clients from employee lawsuits and liability through insurance protection, best practices and improved guidance.



information, legal updates and best practices advice from our HR Consultants and Labor Lawyers who have years of experience and are here to help you.

Reduce costs

by using Emplicity's experts as a cost-effective alternative to hiring your own in-house employees.

Take advantage


of the fact that we'll take dozens of hours of work each week off of your plate and give you time to re-focus on what really matters - growing your business.

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